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Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities

We’re heading into the future together. As our future is shared we’re proud to announce that we’ve signed the Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities. As one of the signatories we’re guiding urban decision-makers and stakeholders towards the best outcomes for all. Continue reading to learn more about the 10 principles.

SnappCar’s mission is to realise 5 million fewer cars in Europe by 2022. By sharing cars we need less of them. Shared mobility is therefor at the cornerstone of our community.

Recently SnappCar has signed the Shared Mobility Principles fir Livable Cities and in doing so joined a group of international companies, a consortium of leading cities and transport organisations. Developed by Robin Chase the 10 principles are designed to guide urban decision-makers and stakeholders toward the best outcomes for all.

The Principles

  1. We plan our cities and their mobility together
  2. We prioritise people over vehicles
  3. We support the shared and efficient use of vehicles, lanes, curbs and land
  4. We engage with stakeholders
  5. We promote equity
  6. We lead the transition towards a emission future and renewable energy
  7. We support fair user fees across all modes
  8. We aim for public benefits via open data
  9. We works towards integration and seamless connectivity
  10. We support that autonomous vehicles (AVS) in dense urban areas should be operated only in shared fleets


shared mobility signatories

Contact us

Do you commit to shared mobility too? Want to learn more about SnappCar? We’re happy to hear from you if you see opportunity to connect. Drop us an email at 

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