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A little over a month ago we celebrated our 5th anniversary at SnappCar. This was an exceptionally rewarding moment for all of us, as most companies never make it to this historic mark.

For me it was even more emotional, because at that moment I had already decided that I would be leaving the company. It feels strange to leave as I, as a founder, have been working on our dream from the very beginning. However the time has come to move on and the company is ready to run without me being involved on a daily basis.

In just 5 years time SnappCar grew into an international community, active in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. We co-developed the European sharing economy, changed the mindsets of many and inspired others to start social enterprises or initiatives to make a positive impact. We saved many millions of euro’s for our participants, decreased carbon dioxide emissions by tens of thousands tons and grew into a community of over 200.000 people. In the meanwhile, our team grew to almost 30 dedicated Snappies and together we have been able to build a reputation as a game changer, innovator and leading community of likeminded progressive thinkers. These are results I am very proud of!

Over the past year the company has ventured into a new phase. From the tumultuous rocky first years of building something from nothing, SnappCar now has become a scale-up with its own unique kind of challenges. As a creative entrepreneur with a mind always full of ideas, I realised my strength and passion lies within the first few phases; nurturing impactful ideas from the ground up until they are ready to be scaled up. Luckily we have been able to find skilled people to lead SnappCar through the next phases. In the meantime, I will be travelling across South America and when I get back I am committed to aid the next generation of social entrepreneurs and start a new initiative.

This is also the moment to thank all of you pioneers out there. Yes, you! Our first followers, who had the guts to join the movement at the very beginning. Our community of likeminded people, who helped us make the impact we make today. Our many crowdfunders, who helped us invest in our dream. And last but not least, our team of Snappies, who helped us through all the hard times. Because of you we have been able to continue on our rocky road. Together we have built something great and in the coming years SnappCar will continue building on that dream. Thanks for the incredible ride!

I would like to conclude with this note: We have challenging times ahead of us. Climate change being the absolute number one. Especially in the current geopolitical landscape we need a strong community and ambassadors like you to grow the movement and increase global consciousness to make this world a better place.

So keep rocking, now more than ever!

Read Sprout’s interview with Pascal ‘Waarom Pascal Ontijd stopt met SnappCar’.

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Laat je horen :)

  • Hi Pascal! Very nice to read your story. You can be very proud of yourself and your team. Enjoy your trip and curious to see your next challenge!

  • Hi Pascal, A scale-up is an entirely different type of monster. I understand your move – good luck with your next venture. If you ever pass by Bogota, let me know- we can grab a beer!

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