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Recap: Driven by Purpose Meetup Oct 6

About 2 weeks ago, SnappCar had it’s first like-minded community Meetup “Driven by Purpose”. The signups were terrific, the speakers and workshops real eye-openers and the after-drinks shindig.

About 3 weeks ago, SnappCar had its first like-minded community Meetup ‘Driven by Purpose’. The signups were great, the speakers and workshops real eye-openers and the after-drinks a blast. Three weeks later, it’s a great moment to look back at this amazing event in the middle of SnappCar’s anniversary week!

Social Enterprises from The Netherlands and SnappCar community get-together in Utrecht

Our world is in transition. Affected by threats like climate change and opportunities like the increase of internet connectivity, people are becoming increasingly conscious. Driven individuals have established social enterprises with a clear purpose to improve the world we live in. Everyday these enterprises are making a positive impact and are contributing to the quality of our lives. As a frontrunner in the sharing economy SnappCar organised, together with the City of Utrecht, the Social Impact Factory and the Jaarbeurs, an event for like-minded community members to share knowledge in this changing world.

After a warm welcome from Community Manager Pieter from SnappCar, the guests joined in on workshops from inspiring companies from The Netherlands. A special thanks to the workshop hosts:

  • Vandebron: A great thank you to Pieter van Wijk for sharing innovative Growth Hacking strategies!
  • InStock: No participant left without being inspired to make use of daily leftovers in a refreshing recipe – thanks for sharing your story, Freke van Nimwegen!
  • Fairphone: “My next phone will be a Fairphone” – do we have to say more?
  • I-Did: Not only making fashionable bags, but also educating and strengthening the local community: Circular goods that do good! A great initiative Mireille Geijsen.
  • Marqt: Thank you for making a difference and sharing insides of the food and beverage industry, Meike Beeren!


Keynote: Dopper

After informative workshops, the Meetup continued with keynote speeches. Jens Kok from Dopper kicked off with a terrifying message about the plastic pollution on our planet.


Jens discussed the waste of plastic and furthermore questioning how much money we pay for pre-filled water bottles, whereas we’re living in a country where tap water is a source for drink water. Surprisingly more than 90% of the audience had at least one Dopper bottle – maybe today we can call them Dopper Ambassadors! Support Dopper’s mission to use water in a more conscious way.

Keynote: Yoni

What’s between your legs?

With this provocative question, Wendelien Hebly from Yoni started her talk about the resources used for tampons. Her rethinking of the periods has not only opened the eyes of the female listeners in the audience – also men started to think about the ingredients of materials we are consuming every day. And who doesn’t want to know what he or she is buying? What’s in the box is on the box!


The Keynotes were closed by inspiring words of Maurits Groen from Waka Waka: “Together we’re the frontrunners of the new world”. With these words our guests could enjoy the afterhour drinks and leave the event full of new ideas.

Without the energizing soup of Kromkommer and the generous facilitation of the Jaarbeurs this event this event couldn’t have been such a great success. It was well attended by over 100 SnappCar community members. Today we’re looking ahead to the next like-minded Meetup! You attended and have some feedback for us? Don’t be shy and send us your notes to with “Recap Driven by Purpose“.

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