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It’s time for the paperless SnappForm!

Maybe you’ve already read it in one of our recent mailings: SnappCar is going paperless! No more hassle with printers that won’t work and no more waisting paper! But how does it work? A small introduction:

The new digital way is all about checking-in and checking-out the car when the rental period starts or finishes.  Instead of signing a paper form you will have to answer a few simple questions online (by using your smartphone or computer) that will define the status of the car at the beginning and the end of the booking.

In order to make the change easier we’ve already prepared the Helpcenter-articles that will help you guide you through the process. Take your time to read them and also take a look at the prepared FAQs.

For car-owners

When you rent out your car it is possible that the car might already have a damage. To make the check-in go smoother you can already add the existing damages before the booking starts! This way your car status will already be accurate and up to date when the new SnappForm is introduced. 

If you log in and go to the My Cars page you will find a new button “View damages” that will allow you to pre-fill the existing damages on your car.The added damages will be saved into your account so you won’t have to add them again every time there is a bookin. Making the check-in a lot quicker!

Check out the car-owner’s Helpcenter-article here!

About 30 min before the rental starts you get a text message and e-mail to open the check-in process. You can already start by filling in the mileage and fuel level of the car. When the renter arrives you will check the license and wait for the approval of the renter, if all is correct you hand over the keys!

In short:

  • Add existing damages;
  • Open the check-in 30 min before the booking starts;
  • Fill in mileage and fuel level;
  • Wait for renter to check license and await renter’s approval;
  • Hand over keys.

For renters

About 30 min before the start of the booking you’ll receive a text and e-mail to start the check-in. The owner has most likely filled in some car details already such as mileage, fuel level and existing damages.

Check the pre-filled in data and approve is all is correct. If you both have agreed and your license is checked by the owner you will receive the keys.

Check out the renter’s Helpcenter article here!

In short:

  • Check data: mileage and fuel level;
  • Check the car for any existing damages;
  • Approve the car status and receive the keys.

Afterwards you basically repeat these steps at the end of the booking. The fundamental idea is that the car is exactly the same as when it left with one exception: the mileage.

Take a look at the owner’s FAQ and the renter’s FAQ!

If you still have any questions please contact our Community Support Team via and refer to ‘Paperless’.


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