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Development Update #4 – English

It’s been a while since we did one of these! Obviously that does not mean we have not been busy, on the contrary. In the last couple of weeks our developers have worked hard on making the user experience better than ever. Read all about it here:

We recently launched Instant Booking, to improve the booking flow. With Instant Booking a request immediately gets accepted, this way a renter doesn’t have to wait and owners don’t have to accept in order for the renter to pay. Instant Booking is available for all cars, read the conditions here.

With Instant Booking comes great responsibility, we received a bunch of feedback from you guys that was very helpful. In order to make Instant Booking a succes owners needed a better availibility calendar to make sure the car is really available. That is why we updated the calendar so owners can now set the pick-up and drop-times. This way we can improve the acceptance rate and prevent disappointments!

For more information about the calendar improvements, please read this special product update:

Besides Instant Booking we also worked hard on the appearance of the platform and usability. As you might have alreay noticed we worked on the message feature: it’s now quicker, more stylish and tells you if there’s a (pending) booking with this person!¬†Same goes for the booking-overview, its appearance has improved and makes it easier to spot the booking you’re looking for.

We also added ’the hamburger’ in the header of our website, this way you can easily navigate to your personal info and bookings and it gives the website a clean look.


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