As you might have read in the development update we’ve updated the calendar feature. Now you can set the pick-up and drop-0ff times of your car. This way we can improve the acceptance rate and decrease disappointments.

Updating your calendar is easy, first you go to the profile page of your car and choose Edit.

Now you’ve arrived in the total overview of your car, here you will find all options that apply to your car such as Instant Booking, Price and of course Availability. Besides the regular calendar with the marked available (green) and unavailable (red) dates you are now able to set specific pick-up and drop-0ff times.

Pasted image at 2016_05_24 01_14 PM

You can set two times for each day or no specific time at all. These timeframes are only applicable to available dates. Don’t forget to save! By default they are set with no specific timeframe except for Instant Booking which will be between 7AM and 11PM.

If you have any questions in regards to the new and improved calendar please contact our Community Support Team via


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