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A Brazilian in The Hague

The Hague is a city known for its expat community, international organisations and global companies. Alexandre, a Brazilian living in The Hague, shares his Peugeot using SnappCar. Read more about his motivation. 

The first non-carsharing related question that we prepared was: “Do Brazil and The Netherlands have more in common than great beaches and carnival?”. We were curious and decided to call Alexandre. He told us he prefers the beaches of Thailand to the beaches of Brazil and the Netherlands.

Welcome to the Netherlands! What brought you here? Tell us about yourself.

Originally I am from Brazil, I left the country 17 years ago, lived in Dublin for 10 years and now I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 7 years. I work for a subsidiary of KLM in Amsterdam and live in The Hague. One of the reasons I chose The Hague is because it is much cheaper than Amsterdam. I came to the Netherlands, found a job and decided to stay. After one year I bought an apartment in The Hague. My relatives still live in Brazil but I will visit them this June, just before the Olympics.

I came to the Netherlands, found a job and decided to stay.

What else made you stay in the Netherlands?

In Brazil we have the samba but I’ve always liked electronic music. The Netherlands has the best trance festivals so that was one of the reasons to stay. The other thing is Netherlands’ central location within Europe. I like to travel through Europe in the weekends, so it’s nice to live in a central spot. 

I’ve always liked electronic music.

How were your first experiences in The Netherlands?

I did have a few cultural shocks: the Dutch are not as focused on customer service as I expected. Do other expats experience that as well? Dutch are projected as very tolerant, but honestly I do think that the cliche is not in sync with reality anymore. Needless to say, everything is dynamic these days. Other than that I really like the festivals. And oh yeah… I like ‘kaassoufle’ but I also miss the Brazilian snack coxinhas

Dutch are projected as very tolerant, but…

What is your favourite part of the Netherlands you have experienced so far?

South Holland is a great region. I like the more modern places, like they have in Brazil. Amsterdam is for work and nightlife. Rotterdam and The Hague have the modern thing going on.

The car stands idle the whole week

What is the background of the car?

For me a car is an affordable luxury. In daily life I don’t use it to commute. Public transport is much quicker and easier. On top of that my company has no parking. I have had 3 cars here in The Netherlands. The cars stood idle the whole week. Only during the summer, I use it to go away. 

What are your experiences with renting out your car?

The first period I was testing it out I put a one-day minimal rental, but I did not get many requests. So I tried the 0 day minimal rental. That made a big difference. 

What does sharing your car give you? 

I share my car for the environmental benefits. It gives me a good feeling. A car should not stand idle for weeks in a row. It is not good for the car and it’s great to lower your monthly costs at the same time.

How is car-sharing in Brazil?

There is car-sharing in Brazil. Very incidentally I saw a Brazilian news bulletin on car sharing. They only have it in the biggest cities, it is the P2P model like SnappCar.

Which car would you love to drive yourself?

The one I love the most: Opel Ampera. Being able to drive a lot for little money, because it is a hybrid car. I believe the Opel Ampera has quite a big reach in terms of kilometers.

What’s your story?

Do you share your car with people in the neightbourhood? Or do you rent a car from your neighbour for your holidays or a weekend? Let us know. We’re curious to hear about you and your experiences with SnappCar. Drop a line to and we’ll get back to you right away.

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