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Meet the AmsterZipps

During his kids’ spring break, Aaron Zipp (from New York) took his family on a trip to Zeeland. He comfortably drove SnappCar owner Adriaan’s spacious Opel Vectra to Zeeland. “The kids loved the music!”

To illustrate (to expats and non-Dutch users) how SnappCar works we’ve started a blog series. Today we interview Aaron Zipp, an American who lives in Amsterdam and loves to use SnappCar to take his joyful family on the road!

“Hey Aaron! Thanks for taking the time for this interview, how are doing?”

“I’m doing great! Currently I’m in a huge swimming pool with my kids!”

“Haha, so the trip is a success? Good to hear!”

Tell us more about how you got settled in the Netherlands?

My wife, Sarah Zipp, and I have been working short appointments in the Netherlands for over a decade, about two years ago we decided to move from America to the Netherlands and really be here. We are both Lecturers/Researchers at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in International Sports Management and Business (ISMB). I‘m also the owner of ZippHighlandGames, which organizes and facilitates highland heavy events for groups. It’s great for teambuilding, birthday parties, or just for a challenging afternoon! We like to refer to Amsterdam as the lobby of Europe. It’s nice to have access to a free-moving elevator!

So an American in the Netherlands who likes Scottish highland games. How did this happen?

Haha, yeah it’s kind of a hobby that has gotten out of hand. But it’s super fun and suitable for all. Big or small, young and old!  I have modified the heavy implements for children and most really like it.  Parents like to see their kids unplugged and getting dirty playing with rocks and sticks (like they did as children).  

I appreciate the organizational design of schools and businesses.

What’s the big difference in working in the Netherlands?

This is a sweeping statement, but I appreciate the organizational design of schools and businesses here. People are way more equal and the hierarchy is more flat, if you know what I mean.  In general there is way more mutual respect and de-centralized decision-making process, which I think is very important.

I love the social aspect… and it’s super easy to use!

How did you discover SnappCar?

Well to be honest, I’m not quite sure. But I think I was looking for an alternative to buying a car. Of course, in the Netherlands a lot of things are possible by bike but sometimes a car would come in handy. Especially with two young kids (6 and 8)!

I remember looking at membership types of car rental and eventually bumped into SnappCar. I love the social aspect and the fact that if you don’t use it, it doesn’t cost you anything! It has a low threshold and it’s super easy to use.

My girls and I rocked out to that CD over and over again.

So far, so good?

Definitely! Every time we rent it’s a whole new experience. For example, this time we found a stack of CD’s in the car. One of which was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits.  My girls and I rocked out to that CD over and over again.  They loved it, and I got to listen to it for the first time again.  

Also it’s easy to use, we even have a regular contact named Bas. I can just text him to check if the car is available and if he’s good to go I’ll request a booking. Very easy experience! 

Very easy experience!

What is your take on carsharing and the sharing economy in general?

Oh, it’s the way to go! We also use Airbnb and just love the way the sharing economy is evolving. It really fits our personal values. We’re looking into buying our own car and SnappCar really helps with it. This way we can easily test drive different cars. And, of course, we will share our car on SnappCar eventually!

It really fits our personal values.

Nice, we love PowerCouples (a renter-owner combo that works magic)! Where do you take your SnappCar? Any plans for the summer? We’d love to hear from you. Share your story with us. Drop a line to

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