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Spanish Expat in Amsterdam

To illustrate SnappCar to non-Dutch users, we’ve started a series about expats who use SnappCar! We’re kicking off with Nury, her husband Paul and their baby boy Tiago. They share their car on our platform, a nice red Renault!

Welcome to the Netherlands! What brought you here? Tell us about yourself.

I moved from Spain (Mallorca) to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) in 2008 for my work. My mother is Spanish and my father is Chilean. As part of my studies in law I had to do an internship for a foundation in Amsterdam. After the internship the contract was extended by 6 months and then I basically decided to stay in The Netherlands.

What else made you stay in the Netherlands?

One month I participated in a tour in Amsterdam with my Spanish colleagues. They were late unfortunately and I was the only one introduced to the tour guide. We met right at the Dam. I guess it was faith that brought me in contact with my current husband Paul.

How were you first experiences in The Netherlands?

Overall very good. I felt a good connection with people in Amsterdam. As a Spanish person I really liked the Dutch open minded mentality. You can talk about a lot of topics. Almost everything! In Spain or Chili people are not so open minded.

I also like Utrecht, it is like a mini-Amsterdam!

What is your favorite part of the Netherlands you have experienced so far?

My favorite place is the Jordaan in Amsterdam. I really like the old architecture, the houseboats and the history of the Jordaan. I also like Utrecht very much. It is like a mini-Amsterdam. Outside the Randstad I really like Maastricht, Groningen and Texel. The part with the ferry is really lovely.


What is the background of the car?

It’s a family car. Sort of a family car but than a little bigger. Not very new, not very old. My husband and I bought the second car in 2015. We replaced the Fiat Punto with the Renault Laguna.

It’s nice to have some interaction with people from the neighborhood who want to rent our car.

What does sharing your car give you? Social interaction, getting to know your neighbors, etc.

Of course that it’s great to earn a little money. The car was standing still the whole day – as my husband and I travel to work by bike or tram daily. It’s nice to have some interaction with people from the neighborhood who want to rent our car. Also we have returning renters who really like the car.

How is car-sharing in Spain or Chili?

No idea. Have no clue whether it actually exists there!

What car would you love to drive yourself?

I would love to drive a Mini Cooper with a open roof. To do have a nice trip along the Dutch coast in the summer.


Are you an expat in The Netherlands who uses SnappCar? Tell us your story! You can contact us via

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