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SnappCar enters Sweden & Denmark

Today is a great day: SnappCar is officially launching operations in Denmark and Sweden! We are very proud that we have become a truly European company and this is a major step towards a greener and cleaner Europe.

Carsharing is on the rise in Europe. After we joined forces with MinBilDinBil and Flexidrive last year we have worked hard to integrate the platforms and migrate all the users. And last week we where ready. And the first cars have been shared in Denmark and Sweden through the new platform!

Together with our community we are working towards a more sustainable way of living. Because by sharing cars we will need fewer of them. As a result, fewer will need to be produced and therefore pollution is reduced.

Fewer cars also means fewer cars parked in the streets. That means more space to live in, more space for bicycles, playgrounds and parks. Add to this that people in a neighbourhood actually get to know each other and save money by sharing cars. Everybody wins. So with every shared car we are making the world a bit better.

Together we can steer our world in the right direction. Be welcome. Get in.

Curious to learn what our Danish and Swedish websites look like? Take a look here: Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

And don’t forget to spread the word through social media! Check out our Danish Facebook and Twitter accounts. Are you more into Sweden? Than visit the Swedish website, our Swedish Facebook page and follow our Swedish twitter account.

Laat je horen :)

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