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Development Update #2

Welcome to our second development update. We are writing these development updates to let you know what we’ve worked on over the past few weeks and where our focus will be on in the coming months. One of our UX Designers Niek has written a nice update for you. Read about it here: 

The last weeks we have been working very hard to make our platform ready to use in multiple countries. In our office the development room is literally forbidden for non-developers because we really need to focus in order to get things done as soon as possible.

So what exactly have we been doing to make our platform ready for multiple countries?

Automated kilometer flow
First of all, we have developed an automated kilometer pay-out process. This means that when both renter and owner agree on the amount of kilometers driven during the rental period, the booking is closed and the money (rental fee and extra kilometers fee) will be automatically transferred to the owners’ bank account in five working days. In the past this entire pay-out process was manual work so we have become a lot more efficient because of this update. 

Automated E-mails
We’ve moved almost all of our e-mail traffic to an external e-mail service. This external service makes it a lot easier for us to manage, monitor and optimize e-mail traffic between SnappCar and our community. Some small bugs did occur in the process to be honest but these have been solved and things are working smoothly now. Overall we believe this will lead to an improved user experience and user satisfaction rate. Furthermore, working with this external service allows us to set up the e-mail flows for other countries very easily.

Pricing model
As announced earlier, we have introduced our new pricing model, which should offer a simpler and more transparent way of calculating the rental prices. This project was a big one and it brought us a lot of technical challenges. Developers had to locate and update all pieces of code that were related to any form of calculating or communicating the price. But we managed to make it happen en the pricing model is live now for 2 weeks. 

Multi-currency & Multi-language
Before we can roll out internationally we need to have a platform that supports multiple languages and currencies. This also means we need to translate our website, but also our emails, forms etc. A massive job. In order to make this happen smoothly we will use an external service to do the platforms’ translations. In this way we can translate our platform fast and with a high quality standard.

Because we also need to support the Swedish and Danish currencies we will also work on a multi-currency platform. Unfortunately, not all European countries use the Euro… And we also need to plan ahead so we can easily add other currencies in the future.

You can see that all the work we have done an will be doing gets us ready for a smooth international roll out. It will make adding new countries to our portfolio a lot easier. So all this work is getting us closer and closer to our goal of 1% less cars in Europe in 2018…

We welcome your feedback. Together with you – the community of users – we work to improve our website and service continuously. And your feedback is valuable. If you see or experience something you believe can be improved, please report it to

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