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4 more years

Amazing! We have been around for 4 years now. SnappCar launched a first version of the website on early October 2011. I remember those days vividly; during summer we worked our asses off to make sure we could launch that Monday. But then, in the following few weeks, not a lot happened really. Looking back this was not so strange. In fact, our first year was terribly difficult, as the sharing economy was basically non-existent.

However, in the summer of 2012 things finally started to change for the better. Our friends from Peerby and Thuisafgehaald launched their platforms, AirBnB had its breakthrough in the Netherlands, we co-founded ShareNL to kickstart the sharing economy and journalists began to see what was going on. Things were finally moving. On top of that, with a year of experience and listening to our pioneer members, we were able to improve our product and service significantly.

Over the course of 2013 we found our true purpose: making the world a better place. We put that mission at the heart of our organization. We became a social enterprise. With all the improvements on our platform, repositioning the brand and the tail wind from the start of the sharing economy, we were able to get onto an exponential growth path.

In 2014, during a very successful crowdfunding campaign, many SnappCar members and fans joined the company as future shareholders. People were so enthusiastic we decided to set up a second crowdfunding campaign this year. As a result, SnappCar grew, the team grew and we really started our international journey by joining forces with Minbildinbil and entering the Danish market. Moreover, our community passed the magic 100.000 members mark!

Now we are getting ready for Europe. We are expanding the team, improving operational processes and building an international platform. Growing tenfold is our goal. On to the next 4 years!

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