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Development Update #1

We want to share with some improvements we made to SnappCar. The last three months at SnappCar have been very busy. Our team has expanded – also new engineers have joined SnappCar. I – Paolo from Italy – have joined SnappCar recently and that is why I am writing this blog in English. As a team of engineers we have focused our efforts on making the website more reliable and ready to scale up. We have also put a lot of effort into implementing new features to make SnappCar better and easier to use for our users. As our community of users is growing, we believe that communication is really important. That’s why I will list a few improvements here we’ve made to our website. 

A lot of our work has been done to better verify new users, to make sure that our community is formed by people that can trust each other. To do this, we introduced SnapProtect, a new solution that by checking users at different levels is allowing us to protect your car or to make your trip more secure. By checking online information of our community, we are implementing a way to protect you from users with possibly bad intentions and to allow you get the most from your SnappCar experience.

Another feature we introduced is allowing you to have a complete understanding of your outstanding payments. It gives you a complete overview of your outstanding payments per booking. In order to give you full control of it, we have created a way to simplify it and make it more clear. Now you can directly go to your payments page to see if you have outstanding payments, see their details and pay them easily with just a few clicks.

But that’s not all, we also implemented a new and quicker way to process the extra kilometers driven. This avoids possible mistakes and makes sure that the amount of extra kilometers that is going to be payed is quickly agreed on by the renter and car-owner. When the amount of extra kilometers will be agreed upon, the pay out goes smoothly. 

At last – you might have noticed it already – we simplified the way you can find information about the website and ‘how it works’. Now, by the introduction of the SnappCar Support page, if you go to you can see articles that explain how the system works and how to get the most out of it. The Helpcenter system is dynamic so we will add new articles depending on the search queries. If you don’t find what you need or you need to speak to our support team, a Help button is always present in the website. From that button you can search in the support page or chat directly with us.

In addition to this we improve the platform every day. We really believe that what we did is going to help you to have a better SnappCar experience and we welcome your feedback (or other tips). Please leave your comments and tips below. We intend to keep you up to date about future development updates at SnappCar.

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